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Base field theory

This theory was created to unite all interactions, energies and substances in nature in such a way that they do not contradict each other and have a common basis, changing which nature gave rise to all types of energy, fields and interactions.

At the same time, a type of energy is included, which is not widely recognized in the world community, but is felt and used by millions of people who have reached the proper level of development, every day, and to deny the presence of this type of energy means just turning a blind eye to the obvious.

This theory also describes the structure of matter in such a way as to explain all the basic physical laws that have not been properly explained but simply taken for dogma. At the same time, effects are easily explained that modern physics cannot explain and, as a consequence, rejects. Based on an understanding of the basic field, it is possible to create future technologies that are currently considered science fiction.

In general, this theory pushes the boundaries of our awareness of the environment to deepen our understanding of the world and create technology for the benefit of humanity. The legitimacy of its existence is no lower than the abstract theories of strings, branes, and so on, which no one could ever touch or measure, while for some reason they are recognized in the world scientific community, although their introduction into science introduces even more contradictions and confuses. The theory of the basic field, on the contrary, is designed to explain everything on the basis of simple images that even a person who is not very well versed in physics can understand, having devoted due time and attention to this. In addition to this, it does not add, but eliminates many of the contradictions of modern physics, linking everything around into a single basis of the base field, the parameters and variations of which determine the properties of matter and all types of energies. In support of this, links to videos of third-party researchers are provided, and the author has founded several companies engaged in research based on this theory, received investments and created working prototypes of devices, so this can no longer be called a bare theory.

The disadvantage of this edition is the lack of a mathematical apparatus due to the fact that the author is not a mathematician, but has an education in the field of magnetic fields and has been professionally making money on this for more than 15 years, including having his own companies showing real services in the design of devices, so refer it to people “from YouTube” is quite difficult. Therefore, to refine the theory, a specialist in physical mathematics with wide boundaries of consciousness and a desire to learn new things is invited; he will also be subsequently included in the co-authors.

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